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Welcome to Empowered by Style and Thank you for stopping by!

Style is far more than just what you wear, style is about embracing the best of who you are. It is my passion and purpose to inspire individuals to experience authentic confidence in their physical appearances and therefore themselves. Style is mental as well as physical, by guiding individuals with the tools required to transform their look and how they feel about themselves, each individual can empower themselves to lead the best life possible.

Style consulting is a personal and transformative practice, therefore my services are private, confidential and professional and I work with you on a one-on-one basis. I love building long-term relationships and I treat each client as an individual with their unique needs. I thoroughly enjoy witnessing the growth and transformation individuals experience as they embrace their authentic expression of themselves.

How Can I Help You?



Lets Have Coffee

Meet and Greet

The first step in style empowerment is to get to know each other, style is a reflection of ourselves and so from our initial meeting I will get to learn about who you are and who you are aspiring to become, from here I can assist in knowing where I can provide you the most value.

"Finding True North"

Crafting Your Vision

Once we have a clearer understanding of your needs, we can start the exciting process of your style discovery. We will start working through some fun practical processes to ascertain your vision and set a north star for your new style empowerment journey.

  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Brainstorming and style ideas
  • Discovery processes – broadening your horizons
  • Your stylistic vision in alignment with your goals
Practical Style Discovery

Style Journey and Image Discovery

Once we have a clear idea of your vision and direction, we can start your exhilarating style journey through determining your style personality and lifestyle requirements, along with learning how to wear your best colours and what to wear to compliment your figure..

This journey gives you the confidence in wearing the styles and clothing textures that compliments your figure and wearing your best colours that suites your personality and your unique look.

"The Dreaded Wardrobe Inspection"

Wardrobe Planning

If your heart just jumped out of your chest, don’t worry, I can guarantee you that I’ve seen it all before.

The best place to start in crafting your new style is to start with what you have. In most cases the smallest changes to what you already have can make the greatest difference. With your new style guide tools in mind you might discover that you have many hidden or cast away items in your wardrobe that are gems which you didn’t even know were there.

This is where I will show you how to incorporate and balance new styles and how to work with what you have. I can guide you on how to dress up (formal/corporate) or down (casual), and give advice on which items to add to your wardrobe for a completely new look.

Let's Go Shopping

Shopping and Expert Guidance

After wardrobe planning we have a good idea of what you have and what we need to add in order to transform your new improved style.

Men listen up – this is the point where I can teach you how to actually enjoy shopping! When you know what to do you may be surprised that it can be a great experience,

I will teach you the art of making the most of your budget with maximum result and support you in finding the items that will suite you and make you feel like a million bucks.

If I can’t convince you and you simply don’t enjoy shopping, as an added service I am happy to shop for you.

Keeping it all together

Style Management

Its time to put it all into practice. You will receive a lot of information throughout the process, however it may fade if you are unsure and unable to manage your style through life changing events going forward. The most important part of the process is to ensure that you are able to continue managing your style and keep it together for the long run.

I will teach you many tips and tricks of how to maximize your personalized style so that you can continue building and expanding your image and confidence.

There are no limits to our expression

Rinse and Repeat

We are never destined to stay the same over the course of an entire lifetime. Style is an expression of ourselves, and as we progress through our lives we consistently climb to newer heights in ourselves and in life.

“There are no limits to our progression, only the limits we place on ourselves.”

Although I support individuals to craft a unique sense of style, and to be the person who they genially are this journey has many avenues. Whether you’re looking to redefine yourself entirely or simply tweak your style, your image is a creative and expressive art which evolves all the time. I am always happy and willing to assist in developing new pathways as you progress on your style empowerment journey.

Putting your best foot forward

Stand Tall & Be Amazing

Ladies and Gents, this is the most important part. Be Amazing, Be Confident and be the very best you can be.

My entire process is about supporting individuals to find a new level of confidence in themselves, sometimes a confidence they may not have experienced before.

It gives me tremendous joy to watch individuals embrace their confidence and climb to new levels of empowerment within themselves. This is my passion and my purpose and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work in a field which allows me to support in empowering others to become the best they can be.


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So.. What are you waiting for?

Are you perhaps waiting for the world to start seeing you differently? Sometimes, we need to be the change we need in our lives, or sometimes we simply need to change our perception about ourselfs and just be you.

Get confident in your own body and with your unique style personality, be the person who you truly are.

Our first “consultation” is a quick coffee, a meet and greet where we get to know each other and an assessment of your needs. Once we have set your north star, we proceed by setting up a plan to implement your exciting style journey, easy peasy.

I invite you to come and have a positive inner self experience through discovering your style and colour personalities and how to align that with your life goals.

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Thank you for visiting!

– Judy

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